Dominic and I hightailed it out of town this past weekend. We drove to Iowa, while Sharon went on a scrapbooking sojorn and Benny stayed with Sharon's parents here in Kansas City.

It had been a long time (March) since Dominic had been to Iowa. Benny and I had been there at the end of May, but other than that, we haven't made the trip often this year. I would like to go more often. However, I also would like to take either Friday or Monday off from work (or, both), because otherwise it just doesn't seem like enough time. By the time we get there late Friday night, it seems like we barely get a chance to say hello before it is time to turn around and come back home again.

Dominic really looked forward to the trip this time. He was excited about going to grandma's house. It was our big adventure. He did very well in the car, both on the way there, and on the way back. I think it is the first time he ever went the whole trip without falling asleep. This was nice, but I was forced to listen to his music for the entire 4.5 hours. I tried putting some Aerosmith into the CD player, and he quickly nixed that idea.

On Saturday, Mark and Lynae asked me if I could play on their softball team at a tournament in Denmark, IA. I agreed, borrowed a glove from my Dad, some cleats from a friend of Mark's, and headed out in an effort to avail the team to a championship. I ended up playing three games. I played pretty well for not playing in such a long time. I did drop a fly ball, which was kind of embarassing, but I was very pleased to hit a grand slam in the last game. I hit the ball much better than I thought I would. Fun! I'd like to get involved with a league here in KC, but it is hard to fit it into the schedule.

Dad grilled awesome pork chops (Iowa chops!) on Sunday, along with corn on the cob and veggies. Good stuff. We left Montrose at about 3:50, and got home at around 8:10. I went across Route 2 in southern Iowa this time, which is a route I have never taken. At least the scenery was different.


Sean said…
Christine scrapbooked this weekend! crazy! ;-)

you like Aerosmith?! Eric, this is a Bad Thing ;-)

is it heaven? ;-)

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