Eye Oh Double U Eh


Man, I wish I was in Iowa City this week.

This is probably the first time since 1985 that the Hawkeyes have still had a legitimate shot at a National Championship in late September. Wow!

If the Hawks can get past Ohio State, and then win at Ann Arbor in a few weeks, they will be in serious BCS territory.

ESPN's GameDay crew will be in Iowa City for the first time in about ten years. The game is Saturday night on ABC. What better opportunity can this team have to make a gigantic statement to the nation. I happened to be at the last scheduled night game at Kinnick in 1992, when number one Miami came to town and defeated the Hawks in a decent game. Althougth the Hawkeyes have been number one, they have never defeated a number one team. It's time to do just that on Saturday night.


Sean said…
you are a true-believer if you think Iowa has a decent chance to beat OSU this weekend.

i wish they would, but i don't see how.

of course, i'd like to be pleasantly surprised ;-)
Eric said…
I agree that a win is not likely. However, I believe that the electric atmosphere of the home stadium, some outstanding play from Drew Tate and a large dose of good fortune could combine to deliver a victory. I really don't think OSU is as good as everyone makes them out to be, but, on the other hand, I don't think the Hawks are as good as their 4-0 record indicates. So, I wouldn't really consider myself a true-believer, but I am a truly-fanatical Hawkeye (can there be any other kind?)

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