I'm back in K.C. after a week's vacation to Myrtle Beach, S.C. Here's how it went down:

Overall, I would say that I had a great time, but did not get too much time to relax. Our rental house was fantastic, and we filled it with the following:

Sharon, Dominic (age 6), Benny (age 13 mos.) and I
My mom Judy and dad "Giz"
My sister Lynae and her fiance Mark
My grandmother Florence
My uncle Rob and aunt Barbara
My uncle Gene and aunt Diane
My cousin Derek, his wife Tammy, and their two children Trent (age 5) and Kyle (age 2)
My cousin Leslie, her husband Jerry, and their two children Jake (age 5) and Justin (age 2)
Mark's parents Janene and Steve were there until Wednesday

Yes, that is right, we had six boys under the age of seven in one house for an entire week. And, we survived!

I was really pleased with our rental house. It was brand new, huge and right on the ocean. There is no question that I like the Outer Banks better than Myrtle Beach, but I like the Outer Banks better than just about anywhere on earth that I've been. I knew Myrtle would be extremely commercial. It was, of course, crowded with strip malls, cheap entertainment and various other unaesthetic features. Much like Virginia Beach and Ocean City.

I didn't spend too much time in the ocean, and I feel like I didn't spend enough time at the beach. It's hard to pack everything that you want to do into a week, especially when you are responsible for a one year old. Sharon and I, I think, did a good job of allowing each other some free time, but we didn't get to do hardly anything together, even on our anniversary, which was Monday. Benny didn't sleep well, so we were all pretty tired most of the time. However, it was worth it all to watch the kids, especially Dominic, have so much fun. He loved the ocean! He can "hang ten" on his boogie board.

Arrived at Myrtle Beach airport at 3:30 PM and at our beach house at 4:30 PM. Walked to the ocean shortly after our arrival. Benny fell in the pool and Sharon had to jump in with her clothes to rescue him.

First full day of vacation. My cousin Derek and his family arrived in the early afternoon. The boys played. I took a nap. Watched some football.

I went golfing with Mark and Dad at The Wizard golf course. I watched the boys while Sharon and the ladies went to Broadway at the Beach. Dad, Benny, Domi and I met the rest of the crew at Margaritaville in the evening. Watched a little bit of football at night.

I went for a 5 mile jog on the beach. We took the boys miniature golfing. It was seafood night at the house, where we had fresh crabs and shrimp to eat.

Back to Broadway at the Beach with Sharon, Domi and Benny. Lasagne night at the house. Kind of overcast and rainy.

Mark, Dad and I went golfing again, this time at The Witch golf course. Saw some alligators and a snapping turtle on the fairway. Chicken for dinner at the house. Benny got sick and Sharon took him to a local doctor, where they didn't find anything wrong with him. I took Domi to the pier at night to watch Jerry fish.

Last full day of vacation. Leslie, Tammy and I went parasailing. I spent some time in the ocean with Dominic, where we caught some waves. I went for a 3 mile jog on the beach. Took our family picture on the beach. Went to eat with Uncle Rob's family and Granny at The Giant Crab seafood buffet.

Everyone else left early in the morning, but our flight didn't leave until 4:00 PM, so we had an extra half day of vacation. Unfortunately, as I was backing out of the driveway of our rental house, I hit one of the pillars that beach houses are built upon to keep them from flooding. I cracked the side mirror of our rental car. Not a good start to the day or end to the vacation, but it could have been worse. We went to the Ripley's Aquarium and ate at Planet Hollywood. We arrived back in K.C. at about 9:30 PM Saturday evening, home by 10:30 PM.


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