O.K., I've just now finished barfing after that horrendous display of football put forth by the Steelers this past Sunday. Not only did they drop to 1-2, move two games below two teams in their own division, and lose to the division champion Bungles, they also managed to embarass themselves at Heinz Field. The game might as well have been gift wrapped and delivered to Cincinnati. After three quarters of dropped passes, poor decisions, interceptions, missed field goals and generally sloppy play, the Steelers still managed to enter the fourth quarter with a 4 point lead. Not to worry. They managed to upstage their previous blunders by muffing a punt, committing a very-costly unsportmanlike conduct penalty, fumbling and throwing an interception.....all with about 8 or 9 minutes to play in the game! Absolutley, positively, without a doubt the worst game I have seen the Steelers play in years. This was even worse than the Tommy Maddox inspired loss last year against Jacksonville when he inexplicably dropped the ball within field goal range in overtime.

Next up: At San Diego, after a week off.

I guess the good news is (and, I'm really stretching here), is that they played so horribly and still nearly won the game against a good Bengals team. However, they will need to steeply elevate their play in the coming weeks.

That's all....


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