A "blueprint" for health care reform?

I've been spending a lot of time lately thinking about healthcare. My post directly before this one is one of several I hope to post on the subject over the coming months.

Health care is one of the most complex problems facing our country. It is lurking in the background of our political discourse as we debate the likewise important issue of national security. This line of thinking brings to mind Tom Barnett. His innovative and creative approach to foreign policy demands a shattering of the status quo thinking. He has devised new terminology to shift the entire foundation of debate about national security. I think this is exactly the kind of thinking that is needed about health care. I'm sure that there are many health care innovators around that are developing new thoughts about how to address the issue. In fact, I work for one of them. However, I've not run across anyone that has been able to frame and present the health care debate in as exciting and fresh of a manner as Barnett has been able to with foreign policy. Health care may not be as 'sexy' as a topic as foreign policy, but it needs an adequate commitment of our nation's attention.


Sean said…
i don't have anything pertinent to say, but i'm reading.

gut feeling: people around the world deserve more and better health care than they are getting

basic principle: we need to let the 'market' work on this issue a little more.

are those things contradictory? ;-)

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