Well, slow starts are nothing new to Steelers fans, but this is getting to be troublesome, seeing that it is now almost November, and the best that the team can hope for is to be at .500 midway through the season. Here are some of my thoughts, both about the Atlanta game, and things in general:
  • As has been the case in recent years, the Steelers special teams absolutley stink. Nearly every facet.
  • Santonio Holmes has made some really nice plays in the past two weeks, but he has also had some really costly fumbles. I like his speed.
  • I didn't see the second half of the game yesterday, so I don't have an opinion about the false start called on the Steelers at the end of regulation, that negated a field goal attempt because it cost a 10 second runoff. From what I've read, there was at least some slight flinching, which is indeed a penalty. However, I was surprised to see Dan Rooney so upset with the officiating. He doesn't complain often, and when he does, maybe he has a point. On the other hand, he is probably just frustrated that his team is giving away games. Also, people have noted that if Cowher wouldn't have stupidly challenged an Atlanta TD earlier in the half, the Steelers would have had a timeout to use at the end of regulation.
  • Interestingly, the Steelers have looked good in nearly every game they have played this year. Yet, they are 2-4.
  • It is not yet time to write the season off. There is time to get things back on track, but the mistakes need to stop. If they lose at Oakland next week, it is time to start looking at next year.
  • I really like Mora, the Atlanta coach.
  • The Colts continue to win quietly. Probably exactly what is best for them. However, I think they will lose at least one of their next two games (at Denver and at New England). Right now, I think New England is the team to watch out for in the AFC.
  • Townsend is a good cornerback, except near the goaline. Teams have tried that jump ball against him about 5 times this year, and it has worked every time.
  • Ben looked awesome yesterday, until he got the snot knocked out of him in the 3rd quarter.
  • Even more impressive than Ben, was Charlie Batch, who came in cold in the 3rd quarter to twice lead the team to a TD. His play has been very solid this year, albeit limited. I have a feeling he may be starting next week at Oakland, depending on Ben's prognosis.
  • Well, the Steelers were up against the wall last year, and were able to pull it together. Can they do it again? They've got the toughest part of their schedule behind them, but they have dug themselves a deep hole. We'll see.


Sean said…
+ from what i watched, the officiating in that game didn't seem bad.

+ don't know about Indy, yet. i dig Dungy and Clark, but Peyton's a very, very gifted, privileged whiner.

+ hard to think the Steelers will come back. they could, like last year, but it's a long shot. Denver's D is awfully good this year..

+ i sure was happy for my Vikes' win at Seattle yesterday (w/o the MVP and after knocking Hasslebeck out of the game, but, hey, we'll take it!). NE next week :-(

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