I'll be watching this afternoon's Steelers/Broncos game within plain view of the RCA dome in Indianapolis, the site where the Steelers did the impossible on the way to completing THE IMPOSSIBLE run. I feel good about today's game against Denver. I think my friend Jag is at the game. The Steelers, now clearly playing back against wall, will find a way to pull this one out. Next week, we do the same at home to a good New Orleans team. Then, to get back to .500, we win in Cleveland where they will be gunning for the opportunity to stifle our pipe dreams. And if that happens, we go into our first showdown with Baltimare at .500, and anything is possible. Just looking at this dome across the street reminds me of that.

Go Steelers.


Sean said…
i wish your Steelers well and sort of hope they win (only 'sort of' because i've got the Broncos' D in fantasy fb ;-), but i don't think they're going to win today. i predict they'll lost today (sorry), and then we'll see about next week.

is the Hawk's season officially lost? :-(

the Vikings better punish SF.

and i'm looking forward to watching the NE-Indy game tonight. might have to take a nap though ;-)
Eric said…
Well, that didn't work out the way that I thought it would.....sigh...

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