Is Google, or anyone else, down with magic shows?

Dominic has been in a magic "groove" the past couple of nights, expressing a keen interest in how each illusion unfolds to foil his unsuspecting audience. He's even got the black hat, black cape and wand to go with the whole she-bang.

I thought it would be nice to see if I could find a magic show somewhere around town between now and Christmas. My thought was, this is a relatively big city, surely there is somebody that is doing a magic show somewhere relatively close to where we live. Sadly, after a half hour of searching google and several of its suggested sites, I found no shows actually scheduled in our area. Most of my search returns were magicians looking for work, wanted me to book them for a party. Which, I may do when February 17 rolls around. But right now, all I wanted were some good old fashioned cheap seats to an old theater where we could watch a magician wow us with his or her illusions, and then wonder about them the entire way back home. A sense of wonder. That is my ultimate goal here.

Sometimes I am reminded that the web, with all its greatness, has not caught up to my nearly limitless demands of what I think it should be able to do---quickly. Some of this is me learning to do things better. Some other of it is immature technology in some areas.

Until next time..........Abra-Cadabra *


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