The Steelers have an opportunity today to enact revenge upon the Patriots--those pesky New Englander's that kept the Steelers out of two Super Bowls this decade, despite AFCC in Pittsburgh. What better way to put last year to rest than stopping history in the making.

Interestingly, the game today, regardless of its outcome, will likely have no implications for playoff postitioning for either team. However, there will probably not be a better opportunity to beat the Pats, as this is a short week for them after a physical MNF matchup.

Neither the Steelers or the Pats have played their best football the past couple of games, but I anticipate both teams will be at the top of their games today. It should be fun to watch! I hope it is.


Eric said…
Well, one team was at the top of their game. One player was at the top of his mouth! And I was very nearly on top of the roof ready to jump by the final gun.

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