Championship Sunday 2008

Well, neither team that I was half-heartedly rooting for today came away with a victory, but I think the Super Bowl match up is decent: New England Patriots vs. New York Giants. These teams met in Week 17, and the Giants gave them a run for their money. Even though the game was in New York, and pre-playoffs, I think the weather was good and the Patriots were definitely playing to win and make history. So, I think it was a pretty good predictor of a potentially good game in the Super Bowl. I don't care for Eli Manning all that much, but I'm willing to root for him for a day. I'm beginning to come to terms with the Patriots being undefeated anyway. I'll still be rooting for them to lose, but I don't think I will be all that upset if they win. It's about time for a team to go undefeated anyway, so we can stop hearing about it. Teams have been flirting with it the past few years anyway--Indy was supposed to do it in 2005, until they ran into their nemesis San Diego. Kansas City was 9-0 a few years before that, when they were scoring about 40 points per game. Heck, even the Steelers had a 15-1 2004 regular season, in Ben's rookie year. It's quite an achievement if the Pats do complete the task, but I don't think it is going to be another 35 years before we see another team go perfect. In fact, N.E. might do it again next year (yawn).

The Giants probably have one of the better pass rushes in the game. They were a few big plays away from beating the Pats in Week 17. I think Burress needs to have another big game, Eli needs to continue to not throw interceptions, and the defense needs to maul Randy Moss, Wes Welker and the rest of the receiving core. I know Maroney came up big today, but I would try to force the Pats into relying on the running game as much as possible. At least it would slow down the tempo of the game. Can the Giants come up with some big turnovers? I think it is all going to have to do with how much pressure they are able to get on Brady.

One thing that struck me today is that the Giants did what the Steelers did a few years ago--win three road games to get to the Super Bowl to face the opposing conference's #1 seeded team. Pretty impressive win by the Giants. They are definitely playing their best football of the season at the right time. I think the Packers have been playing a bit beyond themselves most of the season, and the Giants had been underachieving until lately. And, Favre. Man, he just can't go without throwing the big interception. I'm glad the guy had a good year, and I know a lot of people like him because of his gun slinging attitude. His consecutive games started streak is amazing. He'll be back next year, I have no doubt. Today would be a terrible way to go out.


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