God's Flowers

Fr. Matthew's 1/20/08 Homily: http://www.holyfamily.com/documents/Homily%20012008.pdf

Humility is the theme. As Fr. Matt said during his sermon, a tough lesson.

A memorable story from the homily: The writer Corrie ten Boom was once asked how she managed all of the many compliments that she received without becoming proud. She responded that she came to think of each compliment as a flower. She would pause momentarily to smell the "flower", and then put it away into a vase. Each night, before bed, she would present the vase full of flowers to God, saying "Thanks for letting me smell the flowers, but they belong to you."

A good reminder that we are important, indeed vital, vehicles in God's mission. I will try not to horde any flowers that I may be lucky enough to receive, but yield them humbly over to their proper owner, with graciousness for Him having shared them with me.


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