Weekend Horror

Things that are completely outside of my control did not go to my liking this past weekend.

First, just as the Pens were getting hot and looking like they were going to take control of the Atlantic Division prior to next week's All Star Game, Sid the Kid slides into the boards on Friday and suffers a high ankle sprain. He is now on I.R., will miss the All Star Game for sure, and is likely out for at least a month. I guess we are getting some carryover factor from 2007--the year of the injured Pittsburgh athlete.

Saturday brought some interesting political contests, with the Nevada caucuses for both parties and the South Carolina primary for Republicans. I was marginally happy that McCain won South Carolina, just so I could see a large percentage of the Republican establishment uncomfortably squirming. Tom Delay actually gave an interview in which he said that McCain has done more damage to the Republican party than any other elected official. I'll presume he was not looking into any reflective surface at the time he projected this inane diatribe. I could actually live with McCain, and would probably vote for him over Hillary. McCain against Obama would be interesting, but I'd lean Obama. I just can't get over the fact that McCain put up with so much vile campaigning tactics from Bush/Cheney/Rove in 2000, and then returned to support them with gusto in 2004. Maybe it shows that he is not as hard-hearted as I would be, but more likely it is just another political calculation to not piss off the Republican base. The funny thing is, they are pissed at him anyway. He might as well run as an Independent, where I personally think he would have a decent shot at winning given the sorry state of the two main political parties. I was pulling for Obama in Nevada. It sounds like the Clintons are up to their dirty tricks. I actually think this is going to backfire on them. We'll see.

Finally, the Patriots advanced to the Super Bowl with relative ease, even though San Diego played a good game defensively. And, even though nearly everyone in the world was rooting for Brett Favre, he threw a Favre-like interception in overtime to help send the Giants to the big game.

Basically, if I was rooting for you this past weekend--you lost.


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