Finally, for the first time since October 12, 2006, I was able to row over 7500 meters in 30 minutes. 7502, to be precise. The last time that I rowed over 7500 meters:
  • Bill Cowher was still the head coach of the Steelers
  • Republicans still controlled Congress
  • I had not yet had the life-altering experience of spending a week in the hospital with Benny

This was a specific goal of mine at the beginning of the year. Actually, I had hoped to accomplish it by Dominic's birthday on February 17, but it was a long, hard uphill battle. Even though I did not meet my deadline, I was happy with my progress, as I added a few meters here and there. Trust me, if you have never used a rowing machine, those extra meters are hard to come by! I pushed my date goal to Easter, and I did not think I would be able to come close until at least a few more weeks. However, tonight I did it! I started off pretty strong, staying under a 2:00 per 500-meter pace for the first 2200 meters, and then staying around a 2:05 pace through about 5500 meters. I then realized that if I pushed hard, I might have an opportunity to pass 7500. I started rowing hard, and moved back down to under a 2:00 pace from 6000 meters on. Even still, I had to really kick it in during the last 500 meters, and I barely made it by pushing all the way under a 1:50 pace for the last 10 seconds. 7502. Not much time to spare!


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