Clinton versus Obama cage match in Cleveland

Between watching Barney A-B-C and playing PS2's Total Rampage with the boys, I only caught about 15 minutes of the Democratic debate earlier tonight. However, I managed to tune in during one of the questions that has gotten most of the post-debate blog attention that I've read. Namely, the question regarding Farrakhan's support for Obama. Look, I'll be the first to admit that I don't know much about Farrakhan, other than the fact that some people denounce him as a lunatic and that he spoke at the Million Man March. From secondary sources that I've read, his rhetoric seems to be extremely divisive and, I gather from tonight, anti-Semitic. If so, he should be denounced, as he was by Obama. However, I thought Russert was really baiting him on the issue, and I believed the premise of the question to be weak. Then, incredibly, after Obama had said that he deplores Farrakhan's hateful rhetoric, Russert asks him if he rejects his support, and begins to read some of Farrakhan's quotes. Thankfully, Obama cut him off, and gave what I thought was a good answer. I just thought the whole question was ridiculous. I mean, are we going to go around asking the candidates whether they accept or reject all of the folks that give them endorsements? It would be a different story if Obama had sought out his support, or had been going around the country campaigning with him. But, this was clearly an attempt to smear Obama through guilt by association. It was little better than yesterday's distribution of Obama in African clothes.

From what I've been reading, most people seem to think Obama clearly won the debate. If that is the case, I think Hillary is DONE! Of course, folks have counted the Clinton's out before....


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