R.I.P. Myron Cope

I learned this evening that Myron Cope had passed away earlier today at the age of 79. It is possible that Myron was as responsible as anyone for the creation of the post-1970 Pittsburgh Steelers identity. His unique voice and mannerisms are embedded within Steelers lore. He was as recognized, if not more so, than any player in Pittsburgh. And, he was responsible for the genesis of a little yellow cloth that you might have seen. Growing up in Iowa, I never had the opportunity to listen to Myron call Steelers games. However, as a Steelers fan, I was acutely familiar with his persona and his legendary nicknames. He seemed like a representation of an earlier, more innocent, time. A sportswriter who stumbled upon broadcasting. His was true color commentary. It's hard to imagine the Steelers without phrases such as "The Immaculate Reception" or "The Bus." Many outside of the Pittsburgh area found him quirky, even annoying. However, his dedication was to entertain, celebrate and sometimes mourn with Pittsburgh fans. Furthermore, he used his fame to help others, particularly in the case of autism. I look for Pittsburgh to mourn in the next few days one of the true champions of their city. To those of us who like the "Pittsburgh" part of the team as much as the "Steelers", Myron embodied the persona of this blue-collar town with an attitude for football. He spoke to us. He spoke for us. Terrible Towels will be flying at half mast. Farewell, Myron. Enjoy the view from your new seat.


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