Super Schadenfreude Sunday Link Collection

A collection of links to chronicle the downfall of the New England Patriots:

Yahoo!News: Giants Stun Pats in Super Bowl
Yahoo!News: Brady and Moss Pull Out of Pro-Bowl a Day After Loss to Giants in Superbowl
Yahoo!News: Giants Parade Through Manhattan (almost looks like a Steelers parade :))
AP: Tyree Makes Catch of a Lifetime in Superbowl
Michael Silver's Morning Rush: Giants Stand Up To Bullies
Charles Robinson: Pats Dream Season Ends With Nightmare
Mike Florio: Spygate Could Spark Espionage Investigation
Dan Wetzel: Super Winners and Losers
ESPN: Brady: Plax Prediction on Pats Points Puzzling
ESPN.COM: Belichick Has Left the Building...A Second Early
MSNBC: NFL Wants to Meet with Ex-Pats Video Man
Tom Curran: Belichick Storms Off; Moss Questions Pats' Gameplan
AP: Authorities Prepare for Disappointed Pats Fans
Tim Dahlberg: Perfect Quarterback is no Longer so Perfect
Bill Simmons (Patriot hack): Free fallin' Out Into Nothing
ESPN.COM: Giants Leave Brady Dazed and Confused
ESPN.COM: Blame Pats for this Loss
Mark Kriegel: Belichick's Hiding From the World


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