Thank God for Giants

All is right with the world! Thanks to Eli Manning, and the NY Giants for saving football last evening with their thrilling upset of the despised cry-babies from New England. A great game in its own right, especially as far as superbowls go, but an unbelievably outstanding finish to a team that was on the cusp of history, only to see it slip through their fingers into the dustbin of history. I'm sure Patriots fans will disagree, but most of the rest of the world just witnessed a team go from immortal greatness to infamous chokers. I had never been a huge Giants fan, mostly because I never liked Parcells, and I was rooting for the Bills in 1991. However, the G-men have now carved out a small place in my heart forever. Neeless to say, I would have been rooting even for the Cowboys to beat the Patriots, but thanks to the Giants, I didn't have to worry about that sad possibility. It's hard to explain, but I feel nearly as gleeful as if the Steelers had won the superbowl---and, I don't think that feeling is unique with me. As for New England--what a bunch of SORE LOSERS. Apparently now Bill Belichick gets to decide when games end. I hope he gets fined for leaving the field with one second left to play. As meaningless as the last snap was, the rules say that it has to take place, and just because you choked on the biggest stage in the world doesn't mean you get to go hide out in the locker room.


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