Rocco Goes the Distance!

I am not that big of a golf fan. I enjoy playing a few times a year, and I'll watch some matches here and there, usually if my Dad or someone else is watching and I just happen to be around. This past Saturday, I was beat from a full day in the sun, so I flipped on the TV in the evening, and there began my journey into captivation by Rocco Mediate. At first, I noticed his easy going style and his penchant for chatting with the fans. I thought this was cool. Next, I learned that he was 45 years old with a history of back problems and was trying to become the oldest player ever to win a U.S. Open--what would have been his first major victory. Then, I found out he was from Western Pennsylvania! I became an immediate fan. I did not see the match on Sunday, but I was glued to a live stream feed on my computer Monday afternoon. That was the most enjoyment I've ever had watching golf. What a battle of epic proportions. While I would have loved to see Rocco come out on top, his determination, grit and class, especially in ultimate defeat, were something to behold. We all know Tiger is great. I don't think anyone was really surprised that he won another major, even with his bum knee. People simply expect him to achieve the impossible, and he usually delivers. However, in my opinion, Rocco stole the show. Even though he was not the one kissing the trophy at the end, the world got to witness an historic run for the ages. An epic battle between two great competitors who clearly enjoyed every moment. I'm sure falling one shot short makes it all the more harder, but Rocco's run brought to mind Rocky Balboa going the distance with Apollo Creed, only to lose. That was fiction. Yesterday was as close as reality gets to a fairy tale, and it epitomized everything that is good about sports.


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