Summer, it turns me upside down

Summer. It used to be the seemingly never-ending season of freedom. Somewhere along the way, it has become my least favorite time of the year. Not only do I despise the heat, I seem to fall into a rut of sorts at this time every year. Football has long been over. Hockey is over. And, Lord knows, the Pirates season is always already over! Although I like the extended evenings, I hate when it gets daylight so early in the morning. I do enjoy the opportunity to be outside, however, I much prefer the milder temperatures of Fall and Spring. Unfortunately, summer just does not hold the same magic as it did when I was a kid. No summer vacations. No endless warm evenings with nothing to worry about. It makes me long for my younger days, but most of all, it makes me long for September!


Sean said…
O ho, it's magic

love that song and totally identify with your summer doldrums. in fact, summer wasn't that magical for me as a kid. a little too much time isolated with just my family at home on the farm

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