Prayers of the Faithful

The following were the prayers of the faithful offered at my mom's memorial mass, written by her niece Liz and recited by her sister-in-law Anna Kathryn:

Our response to the prayers of the faithful is, Lord hear our prayer.

Judy was loved deeply by her parents and brothers. May the emptiness that is felt by Florence, Robert and Eugene be filled with the love and prayerful support of many friends and family. We pray to the Lord.

Judy was a dedicated and loving wife of Rick, whom she affectionately called Giz. May their shared love sustain him and may her memory comfort him. We pray to the Lord

Judy was a nurturing and devoted mother of Eric and Lynae. May the life lessons they learned from her keep her alive in their hearts and be shared in her honor. We pray to the Lord

Judy was an amazing grandmother of Dominic, Benny and Reegan. May they remember all the good times they shared with Gramma Judy and pray to her when they miss her. We pray to the Lord

Judy was a compassionate listener who took the time to understand others and be present to them. May each of us here, and all those who were touched by Judy’s life, grow to be more understanding of others in their time of need. We pray to the Lord.

Judy was an advocate for victims of domestic violence. May all those who dedicate their lives to speak on behalf of others be graced with the will and determination to bring peace and justice to their cause. We pray to the Lord

Judy lived life to the full, recognizing each day as a precious opportunity. May God bless us with the gifts we need to fully celebrate life and recognize the new beginning we are offered each day. We pray to the Lord

For a moment, let us be with our own memories of Judy. (pause) We pray to the Lord.

For the living and deceased members of the LaPosta and Vajentic families. May they one day be reunited and enjoy the fullness of life together with God. We pray to the Lord.


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