Vajentic Family Western Odyssey: Week 1, Day 2 (Sunday, July 14, 2013)

We awoke Sunday morning around 8:30 AM (not bad for staying up until 2 AM watching a movie).  Ben wanted to workout again, so I went down to the weight room with him, while Dominic caught some additional Zs.  On the way back to the room, we stopped at the gift shop (again).  Ben bought himself a carved porcupine that I haven't seen since, and I purchased some postcards.

Sharon finally got in touch with her Aunt Velma, who, it turns out, was actually in Santa Fe, so we didn't get a chance to meet up with her.  Around noon, after a quick lunch at IHOP, we headed over to the Sandia Peak Tramway for a ride to the top of said peak.  I thought this was actually really cool!  There is a ski slope on the other side of the mountain that folks from Albuquerque used to have to drive around, taking about an hour and a half.  About 50 years ago, some rich guy that liked to ski decided he'd just build a tram that took people straight from Albuquerque to the top of the mountain.  The peak provides awesome views all around, and the ride up is cool, in and of itself.  Dominic enjoyed this experience, and had fun trying out the new camera atop the mountain.  Ben, on the other hand, was not impressed.  He was quite concerned about the lightning we saw in the distance, which to the rest of us looked neat from such a high vantage point.  

Representing the Buccos at 10K feet!

After coming back down the mountain, we stopped at the gift shop to get some souvenirs, and then headed toward our new hotel.  On the way, we drove through Old Town Albuquerque, which actually looked really neat, but Ben wanted no part of it.  Around 3 PM, we found our way to Los Poblanos Inn, a lavender farm that doubled as a bed and breakfast.  On the way in, Dominic informed me that he was allergic to lavender.  Nice job, dad!  There was a lavender festival going on, so guards were posted at the end of the driveway.  We had to give them our name to make sure that we were on 'the list'.  The drive into Los Poblanos Inn is picturesque, about a quarter mile down a tree lined drive.  Actually, the entire property is beautiful.  I could have spent a couple of weeks at this place.

Awesome salt water pool at Los Poblanos

Look at us, we're getting along!

View into the garden, right outside our door.

I took this postcard worthy picture!

Enjoying some R&R outside the room with a coke

Sharon and the boys swam for a few hours, while I rested my injured foot on a lounge chair.  The salt water pool was in a tree-covered setting, with flowers all around, and even cucumber water available to drink.  I walked around the grounds taking some pictures of the beautiful landscaping.  It started to rain in the early evening.  Ben and I  played some bocce ball and frisbee in the rain, and then we all went to eat at the Flying Star, just down the road from the Inn.  When we got back to our room, it had stopped raining, so we hung out on the patio outside.  Ben clobbered me in Uno, again.

Ben kicking my arse in Uno again!

After awhile, we went inside and watched a stupid movie with Tim Allen called Jungle to Jungle.  It eventually got so bad that we changed it over to The Family Feud and watched some idiot family blow their chance at 'Fast Money' by answering 'Gainsville', for 'Name a city in Florida', and 'Halloween', for 'Name a winter holiday'.  After we shut down the TV, Ben dictated a story to Sharon titled "Mr. Bunny and Mr. Crocodile".  Dominic spent a lot of time making sure the iPhone didn't go cold from lack of use!  

Oh yeah, we also saw a peacock right outside our door!  Day 2 was a resounding success!

Mrs. Peacock did it with the candlestick in the Billiard Room!


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