An Incomplete Education

An Incomplete Education

Death-smacked into unknown tomorrow
A desperate yearning to believe
Spirit anesthetized by sorrow
Still being taught what it means to grieve.

A dark, cold campus unfolds through space
Loneliness, self-pity and regret
One can unlearn too much in this place
Graduate with degrees of forget.

Alas, four years is not enough time
Storm clouds still linger across the sky
Obscured by void any sense of rhyme
Visions of tomorrow petrify.

A dull aching pain up the worm's sleeve
Cynical numbness is his barter
Spewing his craft on how we perceive
Trying to gain a devil's martyr.

Strange that the world continues to turn
With innocence frozen into stone
Always looking for new ways to learn
Everyone in his classroom alone.

Along a stretch of nameless highway
On the shoulder lay a lifeless fawn
Though they long for a moment to stay
The valiant mournful herd moves on.


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